Deliver high-quality emails to every inbox every time

An all-in-one solution for email, from setup and personalization to testing and IP reputation monitoring.
Campaign coordination
Automate campaigns across channels to create a consistent messaging experience.
Campaign Coordination
Modern individualization
Send relevant and targeted emails powered with personalization & segmented by user behavior
Modern Individualization
Quality assurance tests
Test, render, and optimize emails with automated tools before you hit send.
Quality Assurance Tests
Email deliverability
Monitor the health of your domain and IP reputation with email deliverability reports.
Email Deliverability

One solution for all your email marketing needs

Email marketing consistently delivers a high ROI. With the email add-on, get all the features required to successfully maximize your email campaigns: hyper-personalization, deliverability reporting, automated testing, and cross-channel campaign coordination. Easily set up a complete email suite and create your most effective email campaigns ever.
Advanced Email

Key benefits

  • Everything you need for success with email

    Just bring your ESP. Everything from email setup to quality assurance and personalization is included.
  • High-quality email delivery

    Maintain the health of your domain and IP reputation to ensure high email deliverability rates.
  • Next-generation personalization

    Use our segmentation and advanced personalization tools to create more relevant messages.

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