Product Recommendations
Product recommendations

“We know you’ll love this!”

Delight your audience with personalized 1:1 product recommendations that automatically adapt to customer behavior.

  • Tailored Recommendations Tailored recommendations

    Increase engagement by automatically recommending items based on a user’s buying patterns and usage trends.

  • More UpsellMore upsell

    Increase order value & upsell opportunities by showing new categories based on the recent transactions of similar customers.

  • Liquid TagsLiquid tags

    Using Liquid Tags, further personalize the message by adding conditional logic (e.g.: if the customer is “gold” give them a 20% discount, otherwise provide a 10% discount).


“Guess what’s back in stock?”

An item is restocked? A new product launched? Our ready-to-send bulletins can be automatically dispatched to users who have indicated an interest — and it’s all automated.

  • Easy SetupEasy setup

    Set up a bulletin once simply by identifying the business event and the types of users who would be interested.

  • Automatic SendAutomatic send

    Every time that business event occurs, the campaign is automatically sent. Once it’s set up, it’s always good to go.

  • Individualization at ScaleIndividualization at scale

    Message templates can automatically populate with dynamic info outside of CleverTap, such as available inventory levels, flight prices, movie reviews, and more.


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