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Quantifying the impact of marketing campaigns on your business using Real Impact

Your marketing is only as good as you measure. With Real Impact, our measurement dashboard, we show you exactly how and by what extent your marketing campaigns have impacted your business – everything from revenue generated to users retained.

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In the Webinar, we will explore

  • How to leverage control groups to make campaign performance tracking more efficient
  • What metrics you can bring to the CMO’s table – Track revenue per user, conversions, retention, stickiness, recency, and frequency over any period of time
  • How your users transition across different lifecycle stages on your app as a result of your marketing efforts



Hiral Jasani

Marketing, CleverTap

Hiral has nearly a decade of experience in the marketing technology and analytics industry. At CleverTap, she leads product marketing efforts – she defines and executes go-to market strategies for new product launches and helps shape the voice of the product.

Anand Prasad

Anand Prasad

Product Manager, CleverTap

Anand is a part of the Product Team at CleverTap. Anand has 6+ years of experience in building enterprise products and is leading the compliance efforts at CleverTap.

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